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Window Tiles 0.75

If you live in a multi-tasking world. How many times have you manually resized your windows to maximize your productivity and screen real estate? No more with Window Tiles. Window Tiles quickly resizes the open application’s windows to accomodate the current task at hand. We can’t even count how many times we’ve had Safari open, and wanted one window to take up 70% of the screen, and another window to take up the other 30%.

Window Tiles solves this problem in an elegant way. Window Tiles lives in your menubar where you quickly bring up a menu and choose how you want to organize your open windows. Tile your multiple windows vertically or horizontally. Set the two front windows to take up seventy and thirty percent of the screen, or sixty and forty percent of the screen. Set the frontmost window resize in the center of the screen, or make the frontmost window full screen; even if the window isn’t resizeable! Download Window Tiles today, you’ll never know how you used your Mac without it.



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