Empires of Steel v1.0.556e Beta Demo

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Empires of Steel v1.0.556e Beta Demo

Empires of Steel is a turn-based game of world conquest set in the 20th
century and due to be available in early 2009. Players command various
ground, armored, naval and airforce units against up to 20 human or
computer-controlled (Artificial Intelligence) opponents. Empires of
Steel uses a simultaneous turn-resolution system, better known in
gaming as "We-Go". You can form alliances, capture and trade precious
resources, research new technologies, and of course form huge invasion
fleets and armies to conquer your opponents.

There are however a number of limitations in this beta demo compared to the upcoming full release:

  • you can only play on two maps – the tutorial map
    (solo) as well as a special demo map (solo and multiplayer, internet
    and LAN). There are no game length or play time restrictions per
  • you can open and use the full-featured map editor but you cannot load nor save any maps
  • you
    can open and browse the online file exchange service to look for mods,
    maps, unit rulesets and other user created content, but cannot actually download nor use any of it
  • you can in fact use the in-game auto-update function
    to download the latest beta demo upgrades that we will release over the
    course of the next weeks as various bug reports from the open beta come
    in. Check for updates often! However, this updater will not allow you
    to download full game upgrades.
  • the beta demo will expire automatically after 180 days.

Empires of Steel is a deceptively simple game system. You will be able
to jump right in and play, in part due to the intuitive game interface.
If you do want to dive into the more intricate details of the game engine, an in-game manual
is provided with the demo, explaining most of the game functions in
detail. Make no mistake though – learning the game is easy. Mastering
it and being able to wrestle global control away from other players in
a multiplayer game session is something else entirely!



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