Resident Evil 5 PC Demo (3D Stereo Benchmark)

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Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Resident Evil 5 - 3D Stereo Benchmark

Resident Evil is back on PC with the fifth installment, which is actually the seventh in the series if there are 0 and Resident Evil Code Veronica. The story takes place in Africa within a village which recalls the slums. Chris Redfield, the hero of the first episode, is back and he will have to clear a path through hordes of zombies, wielding a machete but firearms to conduct the investigation to its conclusion.  For this, Sheva, a member of the West African division of the body Bio-Terrorism Security Assessment Alliance, has the support although it is unclear what the true intentions of the young woman. However, it is imperative to act as a team to survive.

The significant novelty of the PC version, also redesigned controls for the keyboard, holds the key also to support very high resolutions as well as support Geforce NVidia 3D Vision (ability to play with goggles to see the game in "real "3D)

 Instructions to run 3D Stereo Benchmark:
1. Make sure you have all the necessary GeForce 3D Vision hardware.
2. Make sure you have the latest NVIDIA 3D Vision CD v1.10 or higher installed.
3. Download the 3D Stereoscopic Benchmark
4. Put on your 3D Vision Glasses, run the benchmark and enjoy!


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