Texas Holdem End Of The Trail Demo

David L. Bryer LLC
14 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Texas Holdem End Of The Trail Demo

Pull up a chair to a short handed game typical of a roadhouse in the old american west. Enjoy background piano music, sounds of thunder storms and calls from the local wildlife.

The opponents will test your skills and hold your interest by changing their play style from game to game. Customize game settings, win music, win presentation and the image used on the deck. If your afraid to go-all-in this won’t be the game for you, these sidewinders aren’t here just to let you win.

You can alter the average time to complete a game by adjusting values found in the game settings menu. These include initial values of the bankrolls, blind bets and the amounts they will be increase.

You can even choose to play a heads-up game with a single opponent of your choice. Like to play Hands at full speed, adjust setting found on the Hand Speed Icon. If sound is required by another application during play, you can mute sound by clicking the sound icon at anytime.


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