abcNotes 1.5

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Windows All
Desktop Enhancement

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abcNotes is the most realistic and user friendly Notes software in the world! You can now add as many Notes to your desktop as you wish. Each note can be freely scaled or rotated. This makes the Notes look like real stickers you place on your monitor.

     Notes can be Grouped or Locked to provide convenient management. Stay On Top make Notes always visible.

     Click Through feature makes Note absolutely "transparent" for mouse. This means you can click the applications bellow the Note. Transparency and Hover Transparency features make Notes look even more realistic.

     Notes and System Tray Icon double-click actions are customizable. Notes List Window makes notes management as easy as never before! You can also select specific or random skin for newly created notes.
Windows Vista compatible

     Version 1.2 new unique feature – Desktop Shading Mode. Darkens Windows Desktop and makes Notes visible much better. TIP: Make all notes Invisible, assign System Tray Icon double-click action to "Desktop Shading mode" – so clicking System Tray Icon will show notes.

     Use Mouse Wheel or +/- keys to scale Notes. Hold Alt key with mouse wheel or arrow keys to change Font size. Hold Shift key with mouse wheel or left/right keys to rotate Note. Hold Ctrl key to perform the above operations with more accuracy. 0 key resets scale and angle to defaults.


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