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Aston2 Menu 1.6.1

The basic principle of Aston2 product line is its modularity. Its components can be used all together or separately from each other. Being used as separate items, they work with another shell (Explorer or Aston 1.9.5 and above), expanding its functionality. When combined, they completely replace the shell. Each of the components is feature-rich and yet extremely intuitive: it can be used as is or customized in every aspect.

Aston2 Menu features:

  • Themes and skins support. Aston2 settings are split into two parts – theme settings and private settings. Private settings can’t be modified by means of regular theme operations (creation/application). Theme application can have effect on theme settings only. Thus, theme-pack file contains theme settings and skins. All Aston2 widgets are skinnable: you can change the skin of any element;
  • Widgets support (This version contains the following default widgets: Clock, Calendar, Recycle bin, Disks, Power control, Search, Toplist, Username, Weather and Uninstall). Widgets can be built into the desktop, panels or popup menus;
  • Fast and convenient search for the files on the local disks and for the information in the Internet;
  • Flexible configuration. Every element of the menu can be tweaked and customized, thus letting one to create yet more convenient working area. The same concerns Aston2 Panels and Aston2 Desktop as well;
  • Animation support in every aspect of Aston2: smooth widgets opening and moving, animated wallpaper, animated icons and other elements of skinned widgets;
  • Aston2 Menu can be used both in Aston 1 shell (staring from 1.9.5 version) and in Explorer shell. There is no need to give up the habitual surroundings in order to use the new menu;
  • Drag’n’Drop operations support, user friendly interface;
  • Unicode support;
  • XML standard, used for all the parameters setup;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Plug-ins support.
  • 64-bit systems support. Please note that Aston2 works on Windows XP and Windows Vista only.


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