Multi Screen Dump 2.0

Chris Lambert
1.7 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
Desktop Enhancement

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Multi Screen Dump 2.0

The multi screen dump tool is a stand alone executable and does not require installation. Simply run the MultiScreenDump.exe file and the initial screen capture information message appears.

You can use Printscreen to capture a whole screen or use the Screen button. Use ALT and PrintScreen to capture the active window or use the Active button. Pause activates the Mouse Area capture or use the Mouse button. F11 launches the setup menu or use the setup button. Press Escape to quit the application or use the Quit button.

The Screen Capture settings Dialogue is used to set the save destination, you can manually type in a destination or browse to an existing folder. If View save is ticked a quick view of the saved image is displayed at 50% size in the top left of the screen for 2 seconds.

The output format can be selected by clicking the dropdown box, output formats are JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF or GIF. When Using JPG as the output file type a compression/quality level can be selected using the slider. Auto Capture allows you to take similtainius screen captures based on time or mouse event.



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