SimpleTimer 1.2.1

Lars Gerckens
1.3 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Desktop Enhancement

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SimpleTimer 2

SimpleTimer 2 is a small and easy to use time tracking application build on Adobe AIR. In order to use it, just right click on empty space, project or task to add, modify or delete a new entry. To start the timer, just click on a task. If you switch to another task or click on the same task, the current running timer is stopped. You can add a description of what you just did for this entry. If you click on cancel the entry is not saved. The timeformat you see on the right hand site is: DD:HH:MM:SS, whereas a day is a workday (8 hours).


  • Add, delete and modify projects and tasks
  • Activate timer in application or in system tray
  • Counts even if your computer is on standby
  • Detailed calenderview to maintain your progress
  • Add, edit and delete time entries
  • Custom date- and timeformat
  • Autostart at system logon
  • Minimizable to system tray or Mac OS X dock
  • Custom timer idle timeout
  • Export timetracking data to CSV files
  • Automatic program updates


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