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TimeSage Timesheets is time tracking software that adapts to its users. Name and organize projects, timesheets and notes the way you want: After project, customer, employee, date or whatever. Only include the timesheets you want when viewing project statistics or generating billing reports.

Have simple or complex rules regarding salary and overtime work? TimeSage Timesheets allow easy configuraton down to the second within entire 24/7 range. Do you sometimes forget to log time? It is easy to add and change timesheet entries incase you forgot to use the start and stop clock timer. Timesheets have builtin validation that automatically resolves errors including situations where work span across midnight.


  • Statistics and billing information available as graphs and exportable reports.
  • Billing includes sums across selected timesheets broken down by task and group.
  • Export timesheets to CSV files (comma separated values) compatible with Excel, Calc etc.
  • Keyboard hotkey combination (default SHIFT+CTRL+T) to bring up timesheets window or menu.
  • Configure salary calculations in project options and have timesheets automatically updated.
  • Pro: Create project links: Share timesheets and notes across LAN for teams of people.
  • Pro: Create project links: Custom configuration for regular CSV import/export of timesheets.
  • Pro: Create unlimited numbers of timesheets and notes instead of max one timesheet per project.
  • Pro: Timesheet export options beyond CSV (comma): HTML, XML, CSV (semicolon) and CSV (tab).


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