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WorkWork 0.7

workwork is a little program that sits on your system tray and tracks how much time you spend on projects. A full description of it follows:

  • It creates a "workwork" folder in your user home. This is "Documents and SettingsUser" in WindowsXP and "UsersUser" in Windows Vista (it also works on Mac and Linux).
  • Each minute, it registers information in a file named YYYYmmdd.txt: what is the current project, do you have lunch time, the first and last times an activity was registered today, how much time the computer was on, how much of it was spent working (lunch is not taken into account) and how much time was spent on each project and task.
  • At the beginning of each day it asks you whether you are still working on the same project and task, and allows you to change that. This is so you don’t forget about the program, and it acts as a reminder.

The system tray icon has several options:

  • You can change the working project, working task or lunch time.
  • You can pause and resume it, so no activity is registered when your computer is on but you are away.
  • You can see statistics for the current month and previous month: how much time the computer was on, how much time you spent working, and how much time you spent working on each project. Also statistics for this week, the previous week, today and last day before today are available.


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