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Construct is a free open-source game creator for DirectX 9-based games. It includes an event based system for defining how the game will behave, in a visual, human-readable way – without programming! It’s intuitive for beginners, yet powerful for advanced users. Optionally, expert users can also use Python scripting to add code to your creations.

Construct is not a commercial software project, instead being developed by volunteers. It is 100% free to download the full version – no nag screens, adverts or restricted features at all.


Create games and applications with:

  • Intuitive event system for beginners and advanced users alike to get results fast – no programming!
  • Super fast hardware-accelerated DirectX 9 rendering engine
  • Add pixel shaders for special effects, including lighting, HDR, distortion, lenses and more
  • Advanced rendering effects like motion blur, skew and bumpmapping (3D lighting)
  • Innovative built-in Behaviors for easily defining how objects work in a flexible way – eg. the Platform movement
  • Physics engine for realistic object behavior
  • Bone animation system for smooth, dynamic animations using separate objects as ‘limbs’
  • Place object on different layers for organising display, parallaxing, or whole-layer effects – and freely zoom individual layers with high detail
  • Debugger giving you complete control over all aspects of your game for testing purposes.
  • Python scripting for advanced users – however, Construct’s Events system is still powerful enough to complete entire games without any scripting.
  • Smaller, faster specialised runtime for applications
  • 60+ plugins ranging from Tiled Background to Windows controls and a C++ plugins & behaviors SDK for expansion

What's New

· Behaviors
· [CHANGE] Ball behavior: adjusted bounce/move-out-when-trapped algorithm. It's different, not sure it's any better, but might solve some problems people have been having.

· Editor
· [FIX] Layout editor object tooltips no longer cut last letter off layer name

· Effects
· [FIX] Crispify shader is back (not sure where it went!)

· Installer
· [CHANGE] Skips VC2005 redist and DirectX setups if /silent or /verysilent flags used on installer; should allow easier deployment to networks since there should be no prompts during install this way (the machines still need the VC2005 redist and DirectX updated to August 2008 - these setups are saved in the Construct installation directory or you can deploy them another way)

· Plugins
· [FIX] On some machines the XBox 360 controller object would fail to load at startup. Possibly fixed same issue with Bone movement
· [FIX] Possible array crash in comparing X or XY

· Python
· [FIX] Script editor action names now better match the runtime (R0J0hound)
· [FIX] Crash accessing private variables from Python (R0J0hound)
· [CHANGE] 'global' system expression changed to 'globalvar' since 'global' is a reserved keyword in Python; allows access to global variables by name and index (R0J0hound)

· Runtime
· [FIX] Crash drawing Sprites on non-SSE2 processors (R0J0hound)
· [FIX] Incorrect sprite rotation when setting a corner filter (R0J0hound)
· [FIX] Issue with XBox360 suddenly losing input should be fixed


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