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Deskzilla is a desktop client for Mozilla’s Bugzilla bug tracking system. It provides Bugzilla users with an interactive working environment and extra features, serving as a valuable tool for every project participant.

Deskzilla comes in two editions: Deskzilla Lite (the free edition of Deskzilla for small projects) and Deskzilla Pro (unlimited edition).

Deskzilla saves your time: It could be hours if you count the time spent monthly on navigation in Bugzilla clicking and waiting for server reply, going back and forth through browser history, remembering which bug in a list was reviewed last. This time is spent on meaningful work if you use Deskzilla’s tabbed multi-mode bug tables and quick search.

Deskzilla is always available: Everyone in your team depends on network and server availability when you use a web service such as Bugzilla. Deskzilla, installed on each computer, allows to work with bugs even when Bugzilla is not reachable. Whether you are on the road or the server has crashed, your work on the project will not stop.

Deskzilla facilitates issue tracking process: Quite often a process fails because people are not happy with the required tools. Deskzilla’s interactive interface and desktop-only features (like immediate reporting with nested queries) make Deskzilla attractive and easy to use for the developers, the QA, the management and the whole project team.

Key Features:

  • Offline work makes it possible to view and change downloaded issues offline and synchronize with Bugzilla later.
  • Quick category breakdown for issues with nested queries and distribution.
  • Live issue counters tell you the number of issues in a synchronized query without executing the query.
  • Stateful iteration through issues — you won’t lose "the cursor".
  • Unlimited local issue collections that work like bookmark folders.
  • Interactive interface.


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