DreamCoder for Oracle DBA 4.2 Build

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DreamCoder for Oracle

DreamCoder for Oracle Free Edition is a free powerful Integrated
Development Environment (IDE) and administration tool for Oracle
Databases. With the intuitive DreamCoder’s GUI increase your code
quality and reduce the development process time. DreamCoder for Oracle
you will easily be able to build and execute queries, build and execute
scripts, build and execute PL/SQL code, create and modify database
objects, import and export data and user session monitor among others.
DreamCoder for Oracle offers powerful visual tools for increase your
productivity like SQL editor, procedure builder, parameter manager,
describe objects, LOV viewer and session monitor among other features.

Feature List

Supports all versions of Oracle database server (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g)

  • Supports the latest Oracle version 11g
  • Supports all objects in the database
  • Supports UTF-8 data
  • Multiple types of connection to the database

  • Standard Oracle OCI Connection
  • Direct TCP-IP connection – no need for OIC
  • Supports unicode

Comprehensive object management

  • Create, edit and delet users, roles, profiles and resource groups
  • Manage tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys
  • Manage views, materialized views, packages, procedures, functions, triggers, jobs, sequences, synonyms and much more
  • Manage tablespaces, rollback segments and redo log
  • Data Handling

  • Add, view, edit, search, group, sort and filter data
  • Ability to copy and paste data directly from Excel
  • Ability to delete selected records
  • Able to export data into SQL inserts
  • Able to create master detail relationships between unlimited number of tables
  • Utility to handle LOV
  • Advanced filter data builder

Advanced builder for visual queries and text

  • Advanced SQL editor with autocomplete, syntax highlighting, code
    folding, objetcs description, code proposal and parameters manager
  • Advanced query builder to build SQL’s without previous knowledge required
  • Advanced PL/SQL debugger
  • SQL and PL/SQL code formatter
  • Running scripts
  • Parameters auto-replace

Options for exporting and importing data

  • Utility to export data from database
  • Utility to transfer data from the database
  • Utility to export in multiple formats (MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, ODF)
  • Utility to import in multiple formats (MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, XML, ODF, TXT and CSV)
  • Advanced options for export and import at the level of the data grid
  • Utility to import data directly from Excel
  • Simple export of data into a table

Monitoring the database

  • System monitor
  • Sessions monitor
  • User monitor
  • SGA Monitor
  • Storage Monitor
  • History of built and run queries

Advanced options for synchronizing the database

  • Utility to synchronize schemas of two databases
  • Utility to synchronize data in two schemas

Reports module

  • Multiple database reports

IDE adapt options

  • Comprehensive options to modify the behavior of the IDE
  • Comprehensive options to modify the behavior of the SQL editor
  • Comprehensive options to modify the behavior of the data grid


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