Greeting Card Builder 2.2

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Greeting Card Builder 2.2

Greeting Card Builder is an extremely easy-to-use digital greeting card software which was specifically designed to create stunning photo greeting card for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Year, Valentine’s Day, or any occasion. With Greeting Card Builder, you can build a greeting card in seconds or spend more time creating keepsakes that your family and friends will treasure for years to come.No more stale holiday cards made of cardstock only—your greeting cards can be made with heart.


  • Ease of Use: No Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!
  • WYSIWYG Editor: Allows you to see your greeting card changes immediately, without saving and reopening the file.
  • Variety of Card Resources: A wide variety of pre–made templates and a huge selection of frames, masks, greetings and clipart.
  • Edit Greeting Cards: Come equipped with editing tools to arrange layout, resize, rotate, crop images, drop shadow, apply mask effect, apply frame to photos, etc.
  • Share Greeting Card: Share your greeting cards files through any medium, including desktop wallpaper, printed copies, email and more.


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