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MajicRank 1.4

Downloads, archives and graphs any iPhone application’s rank in the top 200 in any category in any region. It provides the results in a colorful table with change tracking, and also graphs the results over time, showing you how an iPhone app has performed in the App Store with a data point every time you refresh.

It is likely that at some point Apple will change their formats and the scrapping algorithms will fail. So it’s also likely that at some point this app will crash or give false results or have some other problem.

Press the ‘+’ button to add your app, edit the name by double clicking on it. The name must match exactly the name that is currently called in iTunes for MajicRank to automatically find the App ID. Alternatively you can enter any name you like and enter the iTunes App ID. Select the categories that your app belongs to.

Every time you refresh or restart the app, MajicRank will attempt to download every category that is selected from every selected region. Sometimes a download may fail, and a yellow exclamation mark represents this. If your app does not rank in the top 200 in any selected categories for a given region, that region will not be displayed. So apps that do not rank anywhere will show no results at all.

The more categories you add, the slower the load time will be. 10 apps all set to Games/Action should be as quick to load as 1 app set to Games/Action, but 10 apps each with uniquely different categories will be 10x slower to load than 1 app.  Every time you make a change to the apps list or an app’s categories the changes are saved automatically and will load on relaunch of the app. If you come across a crash on launch, or want to get rid of your saved configurations for any reason, remove ~/Library/Application Support/MajicRank/appsModel.plist

By default MajicRank will only download the ‘Big Eight’, the eight largest (arbitrarily decided by me) regions. This can be changed in the preferences, but be aware of the longer load time, and larger archive files.

New in this Version :

  • Adds Top 200s and Top Grossing ranks.
  • Fixes bugs relating to multiple occurances of the same app in the list. 

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later


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