Padded 2.13

Padded is a multi-platform, user-friendly PAD (Portable Application Description) editor, which enables you to create PAD files for software archives to use to publicise your software. PAD files are an industry standard XML format used for describing software in a simple, standard format, to software archives. The specification is an initiative of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).


  • All PAD spec languages in your PAD at once. Unicode and UTF-8 supported.
  • 18 PAD extensions: Affiliates, Article, ASP, Delphi, ESC, MSN, Newsfeed, OISV, Online Shops, PAD Ring, PADmap, Press Release, RoboSoft, RSS Feed, Runtime, Simtel, TPA and ZDNet.
  • Digital signing of PAD files through integration with third party tools.


  • Transfer your PAD, over FTP or HTTP/S, to and from your web site.
  • Platform native appearance on Windows, Mac OS X and X11.
  • Regularly updated and maintained.


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