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RAGE WebDesign v2.9.8.3

When you have to build a website, choose the web developer’s tool that has been trusted by Mac users for over 9 years. RAGE WebDesign was the first to bring a built in Site Manager, code folding, and easy updating of entire websites to Mac HTML Editors.

RAGE WebDesign offers support for HTML, XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP, Javascript, ASP, XML, VBScript and so much more. RAGE WebDesign’s focus is on providing the tools you need to design, code, and publish your website. Its got an entire collection of HTML Tools to help make sure your code is standard based, error free, and online as quickly as possible. You even get a year of FREE web hosting with your purchase to help make sure you get your website up and running.


  • Auto Complete and code hinting suggests possible tags, attributes and attribute values
  • Check document links, images, anchors, style sheets, javascripts and other external files
  • Convert entire websites to XHTML and CSS
  • Check document syntax and accessibility
  • Intelligent syntax coloring for HTML, PHP, CSS and more…
  • Live preview of websites as you build them, including client/server scripts
  • File Includes allow editing one file to change entire site
  • Site Manager helps keep your website up to date and organized
  • Auto conversion of HTML Entities as you type
  • Auto conversion of styled text to HTML, XHTML or CSS
  • Drag & Drop tools palette
  • Customizable tool bar
  • Attribute editor allows easy editing of tag attributes
  • Advanced find & replace, including multi-file search and powerful Regular Expression features
  • Code folding helps temporarily remove unneeded content
  • Upload and download files or folders right from your FTP server
  • Visually create Image Maps, form controls and other HTML elements
  • Check and Optimize HTML Syntax
  • Download web pages directly off the web
  • Create plug-ins to extend WebDesign’s functionality
  • Free add-ons and enhancements at the RAGE WebDesign Community
  • Purchase professionally designed, beautiful CSS based templates that work with RAGE WebDesign



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