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SEKeyword 1.2

Placing at the top of search engines provides no value unless the keywords you rank high for are being searched by your customers. RAGE SEKeyword helps you brainstorm and discover the top searched keywords that are related to your website.

Using technology provided by Yahoo Search, RAGE SEKeyword will download and examine your website content suggesting your most relevant keywords and keyword phrases. Then it provides an entire list of related and specific keyword phrases that you can use to discover profitable niches.

When you have finished with your keyword research, RAGE SEKeyword makes it extremely easy to export your list of keywords in a variety of methods.


  • Suggests the most relevant keywords on your website based on technology provided by Yahoo! Search.
  • Offers the most popular related keyword phrases that are being searched by your customers.
  • Learn which keywords your competitors have optimized for.
  • Keep your keywords organized by each website.
  • Easily prepare your keywords for Google Adwords or other pay-per-click advertising medium.
  • Integrates easily with RAGE SERank to quickly see where your websites rank for your keyword phrases.
  • Export your keywords to a text file so they can be used and processed by any other application.


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