TeamTalk SDK 4.0a

The TeamTalk 4 SDK enables developers to quickly develop
applications with instant messaging, voice over IP (VoIP) and video
capturing capabilities. Examples of such applications could be
Internet phones, conferencing tools, surveillance systems,
e-Learning systems, or any other type of application where audio and
video transmission between networked clients is an essential part of
the application. One such example is the TeamTalk 4
Conferencing System which is entirely based on the TeamTalk 4

The TeamTalk 4 SDK consists of both a client and a server. The
TeamTalk server is a standalone application which provides user
authentication and keeps track of connected clients. It can operate
in both LAN or WAN (Internet) environments. Each server instance is
capable of serving 1000 simultaneous clients. A TeamTalk client can
connect to the server and can from there interact with other

The client is wrapped in a DLL file (.so on Linux) which
enables developers to add the following features to their

  • Multiple active real time audio and video streams
  • Instant text messaging
  • File sharing
  • Tree structure for grouping clients
  • CELT
    and Speex
    audio codecs for both high and low bandwidth usage
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and 3D-sound positioning
  • Audio transmission using push-to-talk (PTT) and voice activation (VAD)
  • Store all audio transmissions to either .wav or .mp3 format
  • Video codec supporting variable (VBR) and constant (CBR) bitrate as well as configurable quality
  • User account system for server authentication
  • Secure data transmission using TLS and BlowFish encryption



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