HS CleanDisk Pro 6.2...

All-in-one disk cleaner, system, memory, internet optimization, tweaking and security management tool.

Windows system optimizer which cleans hard disk and system registry, optimizes memory, adjust system specific settings, accelerates internet connection, maintains security and un-install software no longer wanted.

It supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista. It automatically detects the system and dynamically organizes itself accordingly. It is all-in-one package.


  • File Cleaning : Search and Delete garbage, temporary files, cookies and invalid shortcuts which occupy the drives.
  • Duplicate Finder: Search and Delete files which have the same copy on the disk. (Red,Yellow,Green Icons representing how secure is to delete them)
  • Shared Folders: Locate and Disable folders which can be seen and shared by others
  • Wipe Files: Permanently delete files so they cannot be recovered even by using restoration software.

Advanced Features:

  • Functions: More than 10 useful Windows default tools to keep system stable and healty: such as check disk and disk defragmenter utilities
  • Optimization: Various system, memory, cpu optimization tweaks
  • Security: Various tweaks for increasing security while using internet
  • Cleaning: Cleaning history of various applications and clipboard cleaner
  • Internet Accelerator: Tweaks related to internet connection to improve internet browsing
  • Misc: More than 10 useful tweaks related to different area or the system.
  • Applied Tasks: All applied tweaks described above can be listed in this section.

Change log:

  •  Updated: System Information module for newest available configurations
  •  Added new tasks for Windows Vista / Windows 7
  •  Updated modules compatibility for Windows Vista / Windows 7
  •  Added Thumbnail Cache Files cleaner
  •  Added Windows Dump Files cleaner
  •  Added: Detection of Browser Helper Objects (Internet Explorer Plugins that are loaded everytime browser starts) in Start-up List module
  •  Updated: Software Uninstaller module has been renamed to Software Manager
  •  Updated: Module Tabs cannot be clicked while in progress
  •  Optimized: Overall resource consumption.
  •  Updated: Software Listing has been cached.
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