Pocket Hack Master 4.35

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Pocket Hack Master 4.35

Pocket Hack Master will make your device feel more responsive when you truly need more performance by measuring the load of the processor and applying a faster speed setting instantly when needed or by lowering the CPU clock when the device is idle.

By using Pocket Hack Master you can optimize your device for peak performance when needed and automatically increase the battery life when idling with our True-Scale feature, gain more accurate and efficient scaling than the built-in one by the OEM of your device, Use application specific speed settings to automatically run any selected application at a specific speed and also overclock your processor to speed up your device above its stock speed.


  • Change the default processor speed
  • Frequency scaling – automatically change CPU speed depending on the CPU load
  • Voltage scaling – set processor voltage (Samsung ® S3C24xxTM only) for improved stability
  • Application speeds – change CPU speed when a specific application is running
  • Automatically benchmark and filter stable speed settings only
  • Easy to setup scaling engine, no complex calculations involved
  • Disable built-in OEM scaling feature for even wider compatibility
  • Powerful process/running application viewer
  • Processor instant/average load viewer
  • Predefined/recommended speed settings for most devices
  • Built-in specific device database with personalization
  • Sophisticated CPU load measurement code
  • Kernel mode support
  • Change CPU speeds from your today screen
  • Unique and configurable user interface


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