NimbleX 2008

199.7 MB
Operating System
Distributions and Updates

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NimbleX - Link 1

NimbleX distrbution is a small but versatile operating system which is able to boot mainly from a small 8 cm CD but also from flash memory like Mp3 players and USB pens. Because it runs entirely from a CD or USB it doesn’t require installation or even a hard drive. NimbleX is based on Slackware with the use of linux-live scripts and is has a lot of this distribution advantages. The beauty of it is that even if is small it has a beautiful graphical interface and also a lot of built in software for browsing the internet, writing documents, listening to music, playing movies and many more.

Features of NimbleX

* Kernel 2.6.11 (for good security and hardware support)
* KDE 3.4.2 (for ease of use, nice looks and multiple applications support)
* This means that you’ll have a secure OS where you will not have any problems with viruses and worms that in the same time is build to be extremely user friendly. It can be used both by complete newbies and by advanced ones.
* The built in software gives you the ability to browse the internet, read your e-mail, instant messaging, listen to Mp3s, watch movies, read PDF documents and many more.


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