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All in One File Splitter Merger Software

All in One File Splitter Merger Software is the easiest way to split or
merge as many files as you need to in order to get your computer
arranged the way you want it. Files Joiner Splitter Software is a
powerful and friendly to perform combining as well as splitting of
files. Software works successfully with various types of files formats
such as .txt, .bmp. Jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .mpeg, .wav, .mp3 and many others
files formats. Software has user friendly graphical interface. Software
can reduce cache memory usage for particular splitting or merging
process of files as per user’s choice. You don’t need other software to
merge your files again. Software can use to split big size file which
can easily distribute in smaller size and join them again to access file
in original form. Software supports windows operating systems such as
98, NT, ME, XP, 2000 and Vista. Merge files with this software you can
join or merge MP3, MPEG, text files, and documents into one big file.
Whether you would like to make a big text-file or a non-stop CD, File
Joiner splitter utility can do the job quickly, accurately and without
losing any quality of files.

Files joiner and splitting tool is a cost-effective package for merge
and split file within second. File Joiner and Splitter allow you to
easily join together and split apart files of all kinds. Application can
merge split chunks. Software can join third party files, such as MPGs,
MP3s, into a big one to have fun. Split files fit onto a CD-ROM, zip,
floppy disk by using files joiner splitter software. Utility can split
any kind of large "plain text" files that each piece can be viewed
easily without decompression.

Key Features

  • Files Joiner Splitter software can merge files splitted by
    any other splitter
  • Software can perform splitting or merging any file by size or
    by chunks number.
  • Files joiner and splitter tool can join or split any file
  • Software does not have maximum size limits.
  • User –friendly interface
  • Full install and uninstall support.
  • Powerful, friendly and easy to use
  • Splitting file up to email because your ISP often does not
    allow sending large attachments.


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