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Vizit SP 2.0 with New Visual Search is released! Update your installation today for some amazing new features. we have several search enhancements like column-based search, new web-based scanning, and much more. Vizit SP has evolved into a crtically important add-on to your SharePoint Installation. I would like to thank to our customers for their feedback and support, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Updates in this version:

  • Added the ability to perform a standard SharePoint full text search inside the Vizit SP user interface.
    • Search results include the same hit highlighting as the Standard SharePoint search.
    • Search results have the Vizit Previewer column so documents can be viewed immediately.
    • Search results are displayed in a table which can now be sorted based on document name, author, and modified date.
  • Added the ability to search column fields on a SharePoint list. Different from a full text search, the column based search presents the property fields associated with a list which allows searching on one or many fields.
    • Supports displaying searchable fields down to the content type level in a list.
    • Supports both “AND” & “OR” searches.
    • Supports displaying the search results in a sortable table.
    • Allows end user to choose the column format of the search results by selecting an existing “View.”
  • Added ability to quickly re-order and delete pages in document. (Currently only supports TIFF documents).
  • Web Based scanning feature added to document library. Allows users to leverage any TWAIN based scanner and scan documents. Note: this feature uses a very small activeX control and has only been tested with IE.
  • Added the ability to right-click and burn any single annotation in a document that supports image burning.
  • Fixed Search Integration web part to handle direct URLs to documents.
  • Fixed an error with the “content type” drop down menu in the property editor which generated an "Object reference not set to an instance of the object" error.
  • Fixed an error with burning annotations into a document.
  • Fixed an error running the rendition service on 64-bit system installations.


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