Movavi Slideshow Creator 1.1.2

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Movavi Slideshow Creator 1.1.2

Movavi Slideshow Creator is a simple yet powerful tool to turn fading photo memories into living, breathing movies.

Here’s what you can do with Movavi Slideshow Creator:

  • Create stunning slideshows in three simple steps.
  • Adjust photos with handy tools.
  • Overlay music to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Sequence photos with artistic transitions.
  • Share your video memories in multiple ways: save into any format & for any portable device, burn on CDs/DVDs.

It’s easy to forget about settings while you’re focused on capturing the moment. Now you can recover from those unplanned dark shots and upside-down images with ‘Easy Fix’ and ‘Rotate’ buttons. All the tools you need are at hand, right where you need them.

Use the ‘Audio’ tab to put together a special playlist for your slideshow. Dark? Calm? Positive? Energetic? Choose from a chart of songs for the emotions you want to show. Activate a ‘Loop’ option to keep the audio playlist repeating. Movavi Slideshow Creator supports the most popular audio formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, and others.

Choose a stylish transition in Movavi Slideshow Creator, then fine-tune the settings if needed. You can even adjust transition speed and duration of slide display.

With Slideshow Creator, you can apply different transitions between individual photos as well – just check the ‘Use random transitions’ box. Finally, get a full screen preview of your creation and accept the transitions or go back and generate another random set.

Movavi Slideshow Creator offers a rich selection of video formats in which to save your masterpiece. Use ready-made presets for all popular mobile devices — just choose your device and click ‘Save’!




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