Quick Frame Sequencer version 1.0.1

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Quick Frame Sequencer version 1.0.1

Quick Frame Sequencer (QFS) makes crisp, sharp, QuickTime videos from your images and movies.

QFS first started out as an internal project at Optunis. We believe that video on the web is the most effective way to communicate ideas. And because our ideas are important, we wanted to create crisp, tack sharp screencasts. We like QuickTime because it lets you download the videos for offline viewing. We quickly found that it was difficult to combine slides (or images) with our screencasts. MS Powerpoint only creates certain fixed size images. QuickTime Pro makes it difficult to resquence our images, or combine images of different sizes.

Quite frankly, we were quickly annoyed, and didn’t see an obvious solution. Since we’re programmers, we decided to write a program that would let us :

  • import images of different sizes and position them where we want
  • always work with the original full-resolution images
  • set background images and colors for the screencast
  • set a foreground image
  • reorder image sequences around
  • set individual duration times for each slide image
  • combine images and movies together

So, we tossed this program around internally, made some improvements, and added some transitions. Then it occurred to us, that if we were annoyed, maybe other people out there were also annoyed. So, we decided to clean up the program, add some help files, an installer, and a web page, and voila – QFS. You can use QFS to :

  • create web presentations
  • create animation sequences
  • create slideshows from still images
  • mix still images and movies

Capabilities include:

  • importing image data of various formats, and other QuickTime movies
  • resizing and repositioning images
  • add backgrounds and foregrounds
  • resequence images
  • individually timed image durations
  • transitions (disolve, page curl)
  • add sound to an image

System Requirements:

  • OS :
    Mac OS version 10.4 or higher
  • Display :
    1024 x 768 or higher
  • Processor :
    PPC G5 or better PPC G4 – 1GHz or better Intel Core Duo or Core Solo
  • Memory :
    512 MB recommended


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