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1st SMTP Server 5.10

1st SMTP Server – is a simplest, easy to use SMTP mail relay server. It is used for relaying your email messages to its destinations quickly and easily. Nowadays, many Internet providers are closing their SMTP servers and filtering all the incoming SMTP traffic to fight Spam. They let everybody in from their local network. And filter everybody out who is not. This means that as long as you are using their services, your email client is working fine, but what happens when you go on a business trip or vacation and you want to send an email from an airport or hotel room? In most cases your SMTP server is not accessible to you anymore since you are trying to get to it from outside of your ISP’s network. If you use our 1st SMTP Server, you will not have that problem since it is going to deliver your email directly to it’s destination bypassing your ISP’s SMTP server.

Here are the major features of 1st SMTP Server:

  • Relay your messages, directly to destinations.
  • Remote access, use the server to send email from anywhere.
  • Your email is secure. Your ISP is not examining your messages.
  • Very lightweight and simple. You have virtually no configuration out of the box.
  • Minimizes to taskbar. Since you don’t have to follow the status of the server, when you minimize the main window, it will be hidden in the small taskbar icon.

Here is what these features mean to you:

  • Direct messages relay – This server is built as a straight relay. Whenever your email client connects to it and sends it a message, it will, in turn, connect directly to the destination for that message and send it right away. The email client will not be released until the message has either been delivered successfully or was rejected for some reason.
  • Remote access – Whenever you are on the move or away from your base location, it might be problematic to send emails, because most ISP’s block customers that access their servers from outside their network. This will create a problem for you, because each time you arrive at a different location, whether it’s another company or your friend’s house, each time you are on different network, you will most probably be forced to change your SMTP server in your email client settings.This will force you to find out exact address and possibly username and password of the mail server each time you switch. When you use 1st SMTP server, you don’t have that problem, because it is going to send email directly without using any ISP.
  • Your email is secure – Did you know that when you send your email through your provider’s SMTP server, they have the option of opening your messages and reading them? This way your email can be viewed by your ISP. That leaves all your private conversations and business data completely open for unnecessary exposure. When you use 1st SMTP server, we connect directly to the destination SMTP server, bypassing your ISP and only they can see your message.
  • Very lightweight and simple – This means much less hassle for you. You don’t need to go deep into complex installation and configuration procedure. Just run the set up program and be done with it in seconds. It doesn’t even ask you any questions. The program is usually ready to run immediately out of the box.


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