Advanced Reliable Mass E-Mailer

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Advanced Reliable Mass E-Mailer

Advanced Reliable Mass E-Mailer is an SMTP client utility that
simplifies the task of sending text and HTML e-mail messages to small
and large groups of contacts using SMTP server configured on your
desktop, laptop, server computer or one operated by your e-mail hosting
company. Advanced Reliable Mass E-Mailer supports the following input
sources for ‘To’ e-mail addresses: Microsoft SQL Server database table,
MySQL database table, CSV (Comma Separated Values) spreadsheet, text
file. The application also provides user interface to send one or more
optional file attachments with each text or HTML e-mail message.

User can perform following Tasks:

  1. Create bulk email
  2. Create bulk text email
  3. Create bulk HTML email
  4. Send bulk email
  5. Send bulk text email
  6. Send bulk HTML email
  7. Send bulk email via SMTP
  8. Send bulk text email via SMTP
  9. Send bulk HTML email via SMTP
  10. Bulk emailer with database and spreadsheet support
  11. Bulk emailing software with database and spreadsheet support
  12. Bulk email client with database and spreadsheet support



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