Attachment Extractor for Outlook Express 1.5

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Attachment Extractor for Outlook Express 1.5

Outlook Express attachment extractor enables you to extract email attachments automatically or completely remove attachments from emails. PC users get buried under heaps of email attachments. With an increasing amount of file attachments replenishing our mailboxes every day we often find ourselves buried under heaps of messages. It gets harder to resist the urge for tidying up. Not to say that the mass of bulky attachments eats into your memory resources. When you finally commit yourself to putting mail folders in order you realise how time consuming and tedious it is. The pleasing thought revolves in your mind: "Do away with those strings to the past, start over with a clean slate." Do not yield to temptation. The loss will be irreplaceable. Not only will precious memories, photos, voices go forever. Business and professional data crucial for historical reference will be lost as well. What could come in handy at such moments is a set of tools for effective mail management.

Effective email management is on the top of the agenda for small-size enterprises. Following home PC users, small-sized enterprises are turning to outsourced email providers to host their email boxes. Professional data centers provide a reasonable level of reliability and services for a fee that should fit into any budget. In such case the emphasis shifts to effective management of the amount of server space email storage occupies. Email management programs become a solution for SME to better meet their specific information cycle needs.


  • Remove attachments from messages
  • Select emails by sender, receiver, subject, size or time period
  • Extract files with any user-defined extension
  • Automatically rename extracted files any way you want
  • Select any identity
  • Encrypted messages are supported
  • Simple, one-window interface
  • Support of Outlook Express 5.0, 5.01, 5.5 or 6.0
  • Available for Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000/Me/XP


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