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Automatic Email Manager 4.08

Automatic Email Manager monitors your e-mailbox and automatically detect new emails and applies the defined action(s) like printing email and/or attachments (file like FAX, PDF, Word, Excel, Photos, TIFF,… ), deleting email on server, backup emails and attachments on disk, sending automatic reply or forward email, and much more… All this without downloading them in your email software (like Outlook, Pegasus, Lotus note,…), the software run as a Windows Service and doesn’t need a user interaction.

Easy to use you can define rules which change the action(s) according to the email content, for example print to the secretary printer if email is an order.

This version can connect to all email box through POP3, IMAP4, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, e-Fax provider,… Eco Mode is included, it is a new function to reduce the number of page printed, it can for example print on 1 paper page an email with 3 or 4 pages, simply by reducing it in 1 sheet.

Main features:

  • Print automatically text and HTML emails.
  • You can define the impression on specific printer according to the type of email, for example print the order emails on the printer of your secretary, those intended for the technical support on their printer…
  • Convert in PDF the e-mails received and saved on disk.
  • Reply and forward e-mails.
  • Define if you want to print attachments or not, support major type of document like Acrobat PDF, Words, Excel, Pictures, FAX, Tiff,…
  • Backup the emails and/or attachments on disk.
  • Define simply rules which make possible to remove automatically emails according to key words or print to a specific printer or run a program…
  • Get a sound and a visual alert when new mails are availables.
  • Connect to secure mail server via SSL like for Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, and much more.
  • You can use an unlimited number of email account (with a different printer).
  • Discreet, the software does not require any user’s intervention.
  • So simple to use, try it now…

Change Log:

  • Improved: Print email body in receipt printer with a new function in the printer settings
  • Improved: Print attachments like Excel, Word, Office, xxx,… when a user is logged
  • Improved: Backup over the network
  • Improved: Run external application
  • Improved: Starts when Windows start
  • Improved: List all printers by default
  • Improved: Play sound
  • Improved: Print HTML attachment with large image
  • Fixed: IMAP4 Option to delete messages after printing was not working.
  • Fixed: Some ECO mode options for Attachment which weren’t saved.
  • Fixed: Some minor problems like possibility to have duplicate print,….
  • Added: Faq to explain how to get your attachment in PDF


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