ECrawl 2.31

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ECrawl 2.31

ECrawl is an email harvester that swiftly crawls the web and extracts all the emails it can find. It has the ability to reach speeds in excess of 2 million emails per hour. This is the successor to the very popular email extractor MailCrawl with several new functions and fixes. The major difference between ECrawl and other harvesters is the speed and quality of the emails. There is no other program out there that has been able to go faster than 500,000 emails per hour when crawling the web, ECrawl can go at least 400% faster than that.

It also has support for SOCKS v5, HTTP and HTTPS proxies to keep you anonymous if you so wish. Spamtraps, honeypots and other similar traps which other extractors fall for is nothing that will fool this program, it ignores them and moves on. ECrawl can run on any connection that can access the Internet, but the faster the better. The search is fully automated and you can add any amount of keywords for it to go through. It doesn’t get any better than this, so try it out today, it’s free to test it.


  •  Fully targeted or untargeted search
  •  Quickstart Wizard for easy harvesting
  •  Crawl an unlimited depth into any site
  •  Ability to crawl a list of URL’s
  •  Access to the Google cache (VERY fast harvesting)
  •  Emulate human behavior (prevents you from getting blocked by search engines)
  •  Unlimited keywords
  •  Up to 300 simultaneous connections
  •  Detailed connection settings for optimum harvesting
  •  Morphs itself so it can’t be blocked anywhere
  •  Avoids several different spam-traps
  •  Extend each keyword to find more emails
  •  Save related URL with each email
  •  Accept or discard emails with the specified extensions
  •  Only accept emails from specific domains
  •  Discard emails with the specified usernames and/or strings
  •  Discard emails containing more than X number of digits in a row
  •  Discard emails longer than X characters
  •  Set the max number of emails to extract from an URL
  •  Featuring the most effective email parsing function available
  •  Runs day after day on it’s own, no need to supervise it
  •  Remembers the settings
  •  SOCKS v5, HTTP and HTTPS proxysupport for high anonymity
  •  Autoload proxies from a local file or URL
  •  Select interval for loading proxies


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