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Email2DB Enterprise Edition 2.2.555

Email2DB is an email parser and message processing automation solution. Parse and extract data from messages to integrate with your business database and send auto-responses. If you need to process ecommerce orders, support tickets, web response forms, or any sort of form based message – Email2DB will save you time and money.

Email2DB can read and process messages from POP3, IMAP and Exchange Servers – plus directly from Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 folders. You can also use Email2DB as a mail server and send emails directly to it for processing. The Enterprise Edition can also read messages from HTTP & RSS sources and from external databases.

Plus.. Email2DB will do just more than update your databases. You can print custom reports, update Outlook contacts, save attachments to specific folders, send multiple outgoing emails, send SMS text messages, send faxes, control Windows processes, backup emails to your favourite database, run scripts & macros – all from received emails.

Email2DB Features:

  • All Editions:

    • Read and process messages from POP3, IMAP & Microsoft Exchange Servers
    • Read and process messages directly from your Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 Client folders.
    • Supports SSL POP3 and IMAP connections.
    • Create Triggers based on from address, subject & message content and headers.
    • Easy extraction of any number of fields from the subject, message & headers.
    • Update any data source including, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, ODBC.
    • Insert new records and Update existing records using Key Fields.
    • Update Outlook 2003/2007 Contacts.
    • Update CSV files.
  • All Editions Actions:
    • Send multiple follow-up email auto responses to any addresses parsed from the original.
    • Forward original email to another addresses.
    • Delete original email from mail server.
    • Print a report of trigger results and fields extracted to a printer of your choice.
    • Play a sound file.
    • Display a popup message.
  • Professional Edition Actions:
    • Create custom reports that can include extracted data and external data sources.
    • Send multiple custom SMS text messages.
    • Send multiple custom faxes.
    • Save reports as PDF, HTML, TIF, RTF, TXT and Excel files that can be attached to outgoing emails.
    • Send scheduled follow up auto-responses on pre-defined dates in the future.
    • Attach conditions to outgoing emails.
    • Save attachments to specific folders.
    • Rename the attachments based on field data.
    • Post data to a web page via HTTP.
    • Run any Windows EXE and set parameters or environment variables to extracted field values.
    • Run an Email2DB basic script to perform custom processes.
    • Complete Basic scripting language for manual field extraction.
    • Control any Windows Service.
    • Update Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities.
    • Update Saleforce CRM.
  • Enterprise Edition Additional Features:
    • Built-in mail server allowing emails to be sent directly to the Email2DB server from any email client.
    • Read and process messages from web pages, RSS feeds and database records.
    • Instant processing of direct send emails for highest performance.
    • Access processed messages from any POP3/IMAP email client.
    • Remote Administration – administrator Email2DB servers from any PC on your network or over the Internet.


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