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Nico's Mailer

Nico’s Mailer, for sending e-mail messages to large numbers of recipients. Want to send the same e-mail to many addresses? A piece of cake with Nico’s Mailer. The program helps you maintain the mailing list, the messages and any attachments you may want to send along. A separate message is sent to each recipient: there is no indication in the message that it is part of a larger mailing.

Features of Nicos Mailer

  • Remove the e-mail addresses of bounced mails automatically from your mailing list.
  • Send out individualized messages by using macro’s in subject line or body text. The macro (for instance the string %firstname%) will be replaced just before the message is sent out to a recipient.
  • View your message just before it is actually sent out, but after the macros are expanded. In this window you can modify that particular message, cancel the message, or abort the whole mailing.
  • Nico’s Mailer can send HTML mail.
  • Send messages via your ISP’s SMTP server or via the Direct Send feature, which puts the message right into the recipients’ mailbox. This gives you instant feedback about the send operation, no more failed delivery messages in your own mailbox.
  • Validate e-mail addresses by using the Direct Send option.
  • Keep track of the mailing result for each individual recipient and ask Nico’s Mailer to try again for unsuccessful deliveries.
  • As Nico’s Mailer is fully multi-threaded, it can perform a number of send operations simultaneously.



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