OroMailCenter 2.18

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OroMailCenter 2.18

E-mail management and tracking software.

OroMailCenter was developed specifically for organizations who want to track and manage efficiently e-mail correspondence with their customers. This software allows you to centralize and manage all generic e-mails (such as info@your-company.com, service@your-company.com, support@…, sales@… etc.) sent or received by a department or a workgroup of your organization.

The main characteristic of the Generic E-Mails management software OroMailCenter is that all agents share the same database so they have access (according to their security level) to all sent and received e-mails in the message center. The time where a customer received 2 different answers for the same e-mail or worse, no answer at all is now over.

The new client oriented approach allows your agents to be proactive and more precise in their answers since they can see previous customer queries using the history of communications available by a simple mouse click.

OroMailCenter offers you :

  • Several message centers can be created in a same database. For example, one for the sales department, another for the customer service department, etc.
  • You can create e-mail models that you just have to select when you are answering your customer requests.
  • A personalized signature according to the agent that is answering to the e-mail can be automatically added to each e-mail.
  • Automatically send an acknowledgement for each new requests received.
  • You can create, import or export a list of customers and assign e-mail addresses or domain names to each one so that OroMailCenter automatically assign new requests to the proper customer.
  • A complete security by agent and by message center is integrated into the software.
  • Several reports are available to get statistics or performance analysis.
  • And a lot more…


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