Super Email Verifier 1.94

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Super Email Verifier 1.94

Super Email Verifier is a program that verifies the validity of email addresses in mailing lists. The program works on the same algorithm as ISP mail systems do. There is no need to disturb your clients and friends anymore to verify their email addresses. It connects directly to their SMTP server to check the address for you. It does not send a message. It disconnects as soon as the mail server verifies if the address exists or not. Nothing is sent to the recipient. Super Email Verifier can find about 95% of dead addresses. Super Email Verifier can save time and money for businesses that send newsletters to their clients or any person or business that needs to maintain a clean email contact list.


  • Professional User Interface. Very easy to use.
  • The fastest, easiest way to verify bad email addresses and invalid domains.
  • Import email lists to be verified from text files.
  • Fast multi-threaded engines. It can verify more than 50,000 emails per hour.
  • Export verified results, allows you to save successful email address to a text file.


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