TrulyMail Portable 2.0.40

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TrulyMail Portable 2.0.40

TrulyMail Portable 2.0.40 is a professional tool designed to be installed on removable media (USB drive, flash card, etc.). TrulyMail only supported sending and receiving TrulyMail messages, which are all sent over the TrulyMail network and bypass the email network completely.

TrulyMail allows you to know when messages are received. For this reason, you can set (contact by contact) to whom you will automatically send a return receipt (this only affects email messages because TrulyMail messages already do this automatically). Likewise, you can specify from whom you will request a return receipt when sending email messages.

You can even add recipients to your address book simply by right-clicking on their email address when reading a message.


  • There is no spam in TrulyMail – only those people you know and trust ever get the chance to send you messages so you no longer have to worry about ‘unsolicited emails’ or spam.
  • You know the sender of the message is the real sender – no more fake emails from PayPal or your bank trying to trick you into giving them your sensitive information.
  • You know when your messages are delivered – TrulyMail is like your postman. When you send a message, he knows (and tells you) when it was delivered. Best of all, you can simply check the original message to see who has received your message and who has not.
  • Your messages are completely private – TrulyMail messages are encrypted so you know that only the intended recipient can read your message (even we cannot read your messages). 


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