Ashampoo Magical Security 2.02

ashampoo GmbH and Co KG
10.7 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Encryption And Decryption

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Ashampoo Magical Security

Security for your PC is no longer a ‘maybe’, it has now become an absolute must. Experts estimate that it takes as little as 20 minutes before an unprotected computer is infected with an ‘internet contact’, whether it’s a virus, a Trojan horse or spy software, which stealthily accesses sensitive information before forwarding it to a hacker. For this reason, protecting data that is saved on the individual computer is extremely important.

Ashampoo Magical Security 2 encodes files with sensitive contents so that instead of text and numbers they simply contain an incomprehensible mix of letters. The algorithm is so strong that it isn’t possible for anyone to crack the code in a justifiable time period, even if they are able to draw on a very powerful computer. The security methodology isn’t only effective against the many confirmed hackers in the internet, but also against the spy who might be lurking in your own office and secretly copying files during the lunch break. With Ashampoo Magical Security 2, converting an encoded file back to its readable format naturally poses no problems.

An overview of the functions

  • Decoding and encoding of selected files with only one click of the
  • Complete deletion of files
  • Seamless integration in the Windows Explorer
  • The use of the latest encoding technologies
  • Burning onto CD and DVD
  • Encoding and burning in only a single step
  • Encoding and Email dispatch in only a single step
  • Encoding files to EXE archives and burning them directly onto CD or
  • Encoding of files to self extracting archives for Email dispatch
  • Integrated file manager for comfortable work within the application
  • Compression of the encoded files


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