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Automatic BackUp 2 Local

Automatic BackUp 2 Local is a powerful and simple-to-use utility that automatically backs-up your files and, optionally, locks (encrypts) your backups.  It can also be used as a standalone encryption/decryption utility to encrypt/decrypt any single file or entire directory of files

There are two ways to back-up files: (1) A mass backup (encrypted or unencrypted) of an entire directory in the background, and (2) Automatic filesystem monitoring and backups (encrypted or unencrypted) in the background.

The mass backup is just what it sounds like—a mass backup of all files, or selected file extensions, in a specific directory to 1 or 2 other devices or directories in the same computer or on another computer in a LAN.

The automatic file system monitoring works in the background, monitoring your selected directory (and optionally, your selected file extensions), using nearly zero system resources while monitoring, then automatically backing-up files that have been changed or added.  There’s also a security feature to ensure that the changed or added files to be backed-up were actually changed by you and not by a virus or some other unauthorized user.



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