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Billeo creates a private, encrypted vault on your own computer where all your website login details and eWallet data are stored, available to assist you just when you need it: You never have to remember a password or fill out a form manually again. Billeo gives you a fast, secure and smart way to exercise choice and control over your online purchases and payments. It has the largest directory of companies that accept online bill payment.

Features of Billeo

Password Manager:
· As you surf the web Billeo¹s Password Manager can automatically save passwords and fill your login data for the websites you visit. Store as many passwords for a given site as you like. You can easily access, edit, and/or delete your stored passwords.

Fill Form:
· Enter your contact, credit card, and checking/savings account information into your Billeo eWallet and when you shop online or pay a bill, you can populate this data where needed with a single click of the Fill Form button.

Save & File:

· Billeo can automatically save and file web pages and transactions or online receipts for you. Our Splendid Search window gives you the ability to quickly keyword search your saved pages for review, printing or e-mailing to a friend.

· Billeo’s online service provides you e-mail reminders of upcoming payment due dates and direct links to the biller¹s website. The security of your data is our first priority. Billeo uses state of the art encryption technology to keep your information safe. To safeguard your form filling information (such as credit card number, bank account numbers and the passwords for your online accounts), Billeo stores such information locally on your computer after encrypting it using AES 128-bit encryption technology. Your information cannot be viewed without your Billeo password.


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