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Unsecured email messages are rather like sending a postcard written in pencil ···they can be intercepted, read or edited by anyone along the way. To avoid this, every message sent should be encrypted and signed using a digital certificate. Unfortunately, the concepts and the steps involved with setting up such a system are often difficult to understand and implement. Not only does a user have to find a trusted CA and sign-up for a certificate – they also need to understand complexities such as creating a certificate request; how to import the certificate into Windows and finally how to configure their mail client to use this certificate.

Features of Comodo SecureEmail

  • Simple and Easy to use. Fast set-up and automatic encryption and signing of outgoing emails makes it easy for even non-technical users to enjoy private and secure messaging
  • Session certificates take the application beyond traditional PKI infrastructures by allowing users to encrypt messages even when they don’t have their contacts’ email certificate installed.
  • Web reader service – on-line interface allows your recipient to read mail that you encrypted with a session certificate
  • Encryption when your mail client doesn’t support encryption – Comodo SecureEmail operates at the network layer and provides encryption and signing capabilities if your mail client doesn’t have encryption in its feature set
  • Automatic certificate exchange and installation – SecureEmail’s notification system ensures both sender and recipient are instantly updated with each others certificates


What's New

· FIXED Issues with IMAP Accounts in LSP mode
· FIXED Issues with Thunderbird 3 and IMAP protocol in LSP mode
· IMPROVED Uninstaller


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