CryptBox 1.2

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CryptBox 1.2

Encrypt personal data easily.

More and more personal data is saved on PCs. Documents, Letters, Photos and even monthly statements of accounts are often stored unencrypted. Many people underestimate the risk. The data is visible for everyone, who has access to the computer. Hackers are able to find these files easily, even if they have been deleted already.

CryptBox allows you to store your data securely. CryptBox creates Safes, which look like normal drives and which can be filled with data like you are used to in Windows.


  • Easy Encryption by Wizards: CryptBox is very easy to use with its wizards. They guide you step by step to your own safe and help you by choosing the right size, encryption algorithm and password for it.
  • AES-256 Encryption Algorithm: CryptBox encrypts your data with the AES-256 algorithm, which is approved for top secret information in the USA.
  • Install PortableApps into your Safe: CryptBox loads PortableApps directly from the internet and installs them into your safe. You can use your safe with PortableApps on every computer, without needing to install the applications. They run directly from the safe and all data is secure as those applications will store all their data into the safe.
  • TravelSafe: CryptBox allows you to create a TravelSafe, which can be exported to an USB-Stick or on a CD. If you are on the way, at friends, in an InternetCafe or at work, you still have full access to your data, because the TravelSafe can be started directly from the stick. Already existing Safes can also be exported easily.
  • iPod as key for your Safe: CryptBox accepts different types of passwords for a safe. You can even use your personal iPod as a key for opening your safe. As soon as you plug the iPod into your PC, the safe opens automatically.  Additionally you can use an USB-Stick, a picture password or a traditional text based password to open your safe.



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