CryptoLicensing For ActiveX 2010 Build 601108

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CryptoLicensing For ActiveX 2010 Build 601108

CryptoLicensing for ActiveX provides a robust, yet easy way to add licensing, copy-protection and activation capabilities to your VB6, VBA, RealBasic, Delphi, Borland, MFC, ATL, C++, etc applications, libraries, components and controls. CryptoLicensing for ActiveX uses the latest military strength, state-of-the-art cryptographic technology to ensure that your software and intellectual property is protected.


  • Latest Cryptographic Technologies used for license generation and validation provide the highest security and copy-protection to your software.
  • Hardware-Locked licenses.
  • Activated licenses via internet-deployed or customer-deployed license server.
  • Network Floating licenses via internet-deployed or customer-deployed license server.
  •  Short Serial Keys.
  •  Anti-Debug + Anti-Tracing Protection: Advanced detection of debuggers and tracers to thwart hackers and crackers.
  •  Embed any amount of Additional User-Data in the license.
  •  Specify Upto 31 License Features which allows enabling/disabling specific functionality in your software. A common use of this is to define ‘editions’ of your software such as a ‘Standard’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ edition.
  •  Support for Separate Design-time and Run-time Licenses – this is used when licensing a component or control.

Change Log:

  • NEW: The same license service can now be used for multiple license project files.
  • NEW: Added Network floating licenses (customer-deployed license service) support. The service can be run as a Tray app or Windows service.
  • NEW: The minimum cryptographic key strength is now 64-bits instead of 384-bits. This enables shorter license codes.
  • NEW: The license service now works in Medium Trust and does not require Full Trust privileges on the web server.
  • NEW: CryptoLicense.GetLicenseFromProfile will now add the returned license to the ‘License’ table.
  • NEW: Service notifications caused by the ‘Notify License Service When Validated’ setting are now recorded in the license service database.
  • NEW: The validation component (LogicNP.CryptoLicensing.dll) and the generator API (LogicNP.CryptoLicensing.Generator.dll) now works on Mono.


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