CryptoLuggage 0.1

Miguel Hernandez
1.6 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Encryption And Decryption

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CryptoLuggage 0.1

CryptoLuggage is an user-friendly tool designed to protect your data. Once you create a Luggage, you can insert any number of files and directories and they’ll be kept protected with a password of your choice. Afterwards, just extract the files you want to recover your data.

Each Luggage is self-contained in a single folder, so that you can carry that folder around in a pendrive or backup it without worrying about missing dependencies. You’ll just need a running instance of CryptoLuggage to insert or extract data.

Each file is encrypted using AES algorithm (strong and widely used), and so is file hierarchy info (file names and directory structure). So, if you choose a strong enough password (the Luggage creation wizard will help you), there’s little a possible intruder can do if they manage to obtain the Luggage folder. Don’t forget your password since there’s no way to recover protected data.



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