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Dekart Password Carrier 2.0.5

Dekart Password Carrier automatically collects and securely stores the passwords and private details you type when you log on to web-sites, fill out Adobe PDF forms or use Windows applications. Next time you need to provide your user credentials, Password Carrier does that for you. Phishing protection, keylogger protection and strong password generation are just a few of the facilities offered by our product.

What makes Password Carrier better than other password management applications is its mobility. The program was initially designed to run from removable drives, which allows it to be used on any computer without sacrificing functionality or security.

Password Carrier stores the information in an encrypted form on the removable disk, the applied encryption algorithm is AES 256-bit, certified by NIST. This guarantees that if your USB disk was lost or stolen, nobody will be able to use it.


  • Generate strong passwords: the program can generate complex passwords that you can copy and paste into registration forms. Not only that it will make your accounts practically immune to brute-forcing, but it also guarantees that all your accounts will have distinct passwords (which is an attacker’s worst nightmare);
  • Easy registration of new accounts: Password Carrier allows you to define a custom user profile, the data from which will be automatically filled in when signing up on a site. You are no longer forced to spend time entering details such as address, phone number or your name. This also helps you avoid accidental typos
  • Multiple identities – keep multiple identities on a single USB drive, associating an identity with various accounts on web-sites, or Windows applications. You can register multiple accounts on the same web-site, and switch between them with just a few clicks;
  • Freedom of movement: this password management tool runs on any version of Windows which is in common use, and does not require administrative privileges. Thus you can be sure that you can stay connected to the world, regardless of your location;
  • Anti-phishing: free phishing protection is what you automatically get as soon as you start using Password Carrier. Illicit sites that were designed to resemble authentic ones might fool the human eye, but they will not be processed by Password Carrier. Manually crafted Windows applications that mimic another application will not trick you either;
  • Keylogger protection: since form-filling is done automatically, no keyboard typing is required. Keyloggers (being a common problem of public terminals or computers in internet cafes) will no longer be able to memorize user credentials, helping you avoid identity theft;
  • Protection from unsafe hardware removal – Password Carrier is protecting you from data loss if the USB key was removed incorrectly;
  • Encrypted backup: back yourself up by making an encrypted copy of the key, which can be used if your original key was lost or stolen. The data are encrypted with Dekart’s NIST-certified implementation of the strongest algorithm available today – AES 256-bit;
  • Ease of use: the program works in the background and doesn’t get in your way when you work. In addition, you can temporarily disable it with only two mouse-clicks;
  • Data loss protection – Password Carrier is now more reliable, protecting you from data loss if the program was not closed correctly, either if USB key was unsafely removed, if there was a power outage, or if the computer simply crashed because of another program;
  • Smart favorites menu – the sites you visit are sorted by popularity, the ones you use less frequently will be hidden, not getting in your way when you’re browsing the list;
  • Customization: Password Carrier can be trained to work with non-standard web-sites.

Other highlights:

  • The application uses a smart mechanism that helps it understand which information should go to a specific form on the site. If there are not enough details to make a right decision, Password Carrier attempts an educated guess;  
  • The program can be trained to adapt to your environment, it is now only a matter of a few changes in the configuration file. You will no longer have to wait for an update until the program is able to process a site which contains non-standard forms that are specific to a narrow field of activity;     
  • Password Carrier is able to handle passwords used to protect Microsoft Office documents, as well as fill out forms in Adobe PDF documents;  
  • The program can work with any removable disks, including USB drives that do not come with a driver that allows their type to be changed from fixed to removable (or if this requires an update of the drive’s firmware);
  • Password Carrier can be configured to run locally (i.e. not deploy itself to a USB drive), this is handy if you use only one computer at home or at work, and you want to make sure that your passwords and other details are well protected.


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