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DeviceShield 3.30

DeviceShield is like having a firewall that works on the inside of your PC network to protect the integrity of your company’s confidential data.

You protect your network from invasive Viruses and Spyware by installing the very latest firewall and anti-virus protection, yet the security of your organization’s most sensitive information and intellectual property may remain totally exposed and vulnerable from the inside.

Unless you have protection in place, massive amounts of sensitive data and intellectual property can simply be downloaded and removed without company knowledge.

Client lists, account information, bids, contracts, R & D strategies, marketing plans and much more commercial-in-confidence data can simply be downloaded onto any removable media device – from a Memory Stick, CD/DVD to a Bluetooth, Firewire or Infrared port. And once it leaves your office, the integrity of that sensitive data is at risk.

DeviceShield is like a firewall that works on the inside – insuring the integrity of your commercial data without restricting access to these files by any authorized employees – downloads can be automatically encrypted so they can even be taken out of the office in safety.


  • Endpoint Security – Return on Investment: Until recently, IT security has not been subject to ROI analysis, but that view is rapidly changing as the corporate world places greater importance on the role these solutions play in their overall security policies. Enterprises care about endpoint security as a means of protecting themselves from threats to property, privacy, productivity and even reputation. With data loss cases making headlines on an almost weekly basis, it does not take a leap of imagination to understand that the cost of these threats cannot be ignored. The question is no longer, "Will we get hit by an attack" but "When will we be hit, and at what cost?"

    An investment in proactive endpoint security software, services, devices, and resources can be weighed against known costs. Known costs include productivity loss because of downtime, recovery costs because of the required clean up after an attack, and legal costs because of the failure to protect privacy and comply with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

  • Increase Security: In addition to USB security DeviceShield also enables IT manages to control any on-board WiFi, Infrared and Bluetooth adapters. This prevents corporate PCs connecting to unsecured wireless networks and stops Bluetooth ports being hacked into by criminals outside the organization. Unlike USB ports, where total lockdown can hurt business productivity, wireless data ports are used exclusively for data and as such, locking them down can be an effective security measure. While much emphasis is put on removable media devices, unwanted local connections can also pose a danger through wireless connections.
  • Device Flexibility: DeviceShield allows you to manage specific device types that can be used within your organisation. For example, you may have a requirement that a particular brand of USB memory stick or a certain make of Digital Camera can be used. Use DeviceShield to selective control what kind of device, make or model can connect to your networked PCs, whilst blocking others.
  • Unique File Filtering Technology: You no longer have to simply block removable media devices. DeviceShield allows you to control how the device is used. You can choose to allow specific file types that can be transferred to or from the device, for example you can authorise *.doc files but prevent *.exe files. This flexibility allows you to selectively control specific file types that can be transferred between devices and your network whilst restricting others.
  • Encrypt Your Data – Don’t lose it!: DeviceShield includes auto-encryption technology that allows you to selectively encrypt files when they are transferred onto removable media devices. This level of protection gives you the added peace of mind, that even if data is copied onto a USB device, should the device be accidentally lost or stolen, your data will be encrypted and locked out of harms way.
  • Increase Productivity: By controlling which devices can be used within your organisation you can increase the effectiveness of your staff’s resources. Employee’s can spend hours downloading music or pictures from digital cameras which not only wastes time and disk space but could expose your organisation to accidental transfer of Viruses and Trojans.
  • Protects Against Copyright Infringement: With no control over devices connecting to your network there is an inherent risk of unauthorised or illegal files being stored on your networked PCs. Use DeviceShield to control which files can be transferred between devices and protect against infringement of copyrights from pirated music of software.
  • Reduces Support Costs: Allowing uncontrolled use of devices within your organisation causes PCs to become unstable with incompatible device types and incorrect device drivers which increases support costs and PC downtime. Use DeviceShield to manage and control devices type according to your company policy. No more unwanted file transfers or unauthorised device types. You control a uniformed standard operating environment.
  • Policy Management Made Easy: DeviceShield makes policy management easy by being incredibly simple to manage, enabling authorized administrators to create, deploy and report on policies from a central user consol. DeviceShield makes light work of setting and applying policies. Using remote deployment that integrates seamlessly with Active Directory you can create security policies for individual users, groups, departments or the whole company.
  • Always on Security: Even if a users are not connected to the network, DeviceShield polices are always enforced. DeviceShield is designed to ensure the highest levels of security for company PCs, whether in the office, at home or on-site with customers. DeviceShield applies a consistent security policy both when connected to the corporate network or offline.
  • Comprehensive Management Reports & Audit History; DeviceShield automatically monitors all device connections, reporting back vital information such as device class, User, PC, time of connection and whether the connection was blocked or allowed. An audit trail of the file transferred between devices is also recorded.


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