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fSekrit 1.40

fSekrit is a small application for keeping encrypted notes.

The real advantage of fSekrit is that notes are truly self-contained;
the editor program and your note are merged together into a tiny
self-contained program file, removing the need to install a special
application to view your data.

This makes fSekrit ideal for keeping encrypted notes on, for example, USB flash drives.

Another advantage of using fSekrit is that your un-encrypted data is never stored on your harddisk.
With a traditional encryption utility you would have to decrypt your
file to disk, view or edit it, and then re-encrypt it, and unless you
use secure file wiping tools, it would be a trivial matter for someone
to to retrieve your un-encrypted data, even though you have deleted it.
This can’t be done with fSekrit, though, since it never stores your
un-encrypted data on disk.

fSekrit uses very strong encryption (256-bit AES/Rijndael in CBC mode) to ensure that your data is never at risk.

Self contained fSekrit note files are tiny! Only 60k plus the size of your text.

What's new in version 1.40 - 
  • fixed: long-standing bug where failing to save changes when closing fSekrit with a modified document would cause fSekrit to exit, rather than notifying of error and let user attempt to save again.
  • fixed: saves are *finally* done properly, by saving to a temporary file and replacing the current file only when all the file writing business is done.
  • added: font selection dialog, no longer do you need to much around with the registry to set another default font. The font is still not stored in your document, though, and is single global per-user registry setting.
  • added: "portable" mode, which (for now) means it will not use %TEMP% to store it’s temporary editor executable, but instead store it in the same folder as the opened document. Registry is still used for font selection, though! To enabel this feature, create a file called "fSekrit.portable" in the same folder as the document you want to function in portable mode.
  • added: URLs are now recognized and turned into hyperlinks.
  • fixed: Read-only notes should be a lot more sane – changed from confusing "make read-only" that half-worked to "Save As Read-only" that works 🙂
  • fixed: Win9x and NT4 support has been broken since version 1.35. Release builds are now done with an older compiler toolchain, and 9x/NT4 support is back.


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