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IEPasswordDecryptor 1.6

IEPasswordDecryptor is the free tool to quickly and easily recover stored passwords from Internet Explorer. It can recover both Autocomplete and HTTP basic authentication based passwords from IE secret store. User can double click on any of the entry to visit the website which makes it easy to verify sign-on passwords. It also comes with distinctive feature which allows the user to reset the IE content advisor password in case user has lost it.

It also presents ‘IE history manager’ interface which not only displays the contents of IE history in detail but also provides the option to add/remove websites with ease. User can save the displayed password list and IE history list to TEXT as well HTML file for offline verification & storage.      

IEPasswordDecryptor can recover passwords from all version of Internet Explorer starting from version 4.0 to latest version 8.0.

Features of IEPasswordDecryptor:

  • Recover Autocomplete and HTTP basic authentication based passwords from IE version 4.0 to 8.0
  • Recover HTTP basic authentication passwords from IE version 4.0. to 8.0
  • Reset the content advisor password of Internet Explorer
  • Export option to save the decrypted password list to TEXT or HTML file.
  • Displays websites stored by IE history along with option to add/remove entries
  • Export option to save the displayed IE history list to HTML file.
  • Sort the password and history entries based on various fields by just clicking on the column header.
  • Visit the website by directly double clicking on displayed entry.
  •  ‘Add Website’ option to add website link to existing IE history to help in recovering password for which website link is not present in IE history (applicable for IE version 7 or more).


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