ImVajra Password Manager 1.0.34

Got stuck in the pain of password management? You absolutely need a simply secure location to store and preserve your confidential information.  For purpose of keeping your identity secret, ImVajra Password Manager stores your passwords, PINs and other precious data in top-rated security. With ImVajra Password Manager’s assistance to protect your secrets and strengthen your information security, you will get permanent relief from password management.

With ImVajra Password Manager, multi-user can securely store, distribute and audit their personal information, such as accounts and passwords, respectively in one program with independent database and password. Additionally, you can log in your database with password, USB flash disk or both to secure and protect your personal information better. And ImVajra Password Manager also helps you generate robust and strong password with a built-in password generator.

As strong password generator and password keeper, ImVajra Password Manager can manage and protect your most vulnerable secrets, and relieve you from the password management chore while offering you complete security and peace of mind.

From now on, you will never forget your passwords any more once with this handy Password Manager!


  • Unique login way with USB flash disk: Providing login way with USB flash disk ensures high and absolute security of your personal information, ImVajra Password Manager makes your data more secure if choosing to log in with password simultaneously.
  • Double protection: Besides logging in your database with password, USB flash disk or both, you can also set extra password for every record to make your data safer with ImVajra Password Manager.
  • History restore: This password keeper records your modification history, and even allows you to restore you selected history for your convenience.
  • Install to flash disk: Installing this password manager to flash disk enables you to use the program on any computer for more convenient password management.
  • Built-in password generator: A customizable password generator is built-in to help you generate robust and strong password including upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters, which makes it impossible to pick or guess.
  • Rich and customized templates: Up to 30 templates are available in this password management software to meet almost all your needs. Changing record template freely and customizing existing template are also supported to personlize your record card and create new template separately.
  • Lock the program securely: To safeguard your personal information, ImVajra Password Manager will be locked automatically when no mouse or keyboard action happens within a certain time, the screen saver is running, or Windows is locked. In addition, you can also lock the program manually.
  • Independent database and password for multi-user: Multi-user can manage their personal information using one password manager respectively with independent database and password, and no one needs to worry about the security of their information.
  • Manage your favorites easier: With ImVajra Password Manager, you can add any database to your favorites and set the most frequently used database as default for future use easier and handier.
  • Find what you want quicker: With keyword, search range, match option, direction, etc. customizable, you can find the record you want quicker.


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