Password Assistant 2.0

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Password Assistant 2.0

The Password Assistant is a two part password software suite that contains a password generator and a password analyzer. The password assistant software tool can help a user implement meaningful passwords for a secure password login that would eliminate password hacking vulnerability. Never change password again!

The Password Generator takes user defined password characteristics and generates a list of highly effective possible passwords. Forgot password? not a problem. With the Password Generator a user can define many different characteristics about the password. For example, you can tell the application if the password should contain numbers, characters, or symbols. Being able to customize a personal password login that is extremely secure will alleviate password recovery concerns. Password recovery is a process that results from typically insecure and easily forgettable passwords. Since you can make the password output pronounceable it is easy to remember a password even if it consists of numeric and alpha characters.

The Password Analyzer will ask for your password and then describe its vulnerability or secureness. Furthermore, it will tell you how long with the latest hacking techniques it would take to break your password. Having a password protected system is especially necessary with a broadband Internet connection. Password hacking is at an all time high, with companies and home users falling prey to this malicious behavior on a daily basis. This problem has surfaced in the news lately with hackers breaking into the databases of very well know cell phone providers and were able to pull out very detailed customer information and contact numbers. For this very reason it is essential to securely password protect your system.



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