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Passwords Max for Groups

Passwords Max for Groups allows your organization to effectively manage the many passwords that employees need access to.  Implementing a strong, consistent password policy is easy. Everyday more and more passwords are needed for more and more applications and web sites.  The value of the information that those passwords protect goes up at the same time.


  • Your authorized users will have a single, strong, regularly changing master password.  They will have access to just those passwords that they should have access to.  Expiry notifications can be sent automatically. 
  • Your information is protected using your choice of 6 proven encryption methods: Blowfish, Triple DES, DES, MDC/SHS, RC4, and Safer.
  • Passwords can be generated using over 32 variations including hexadecimal, dictionary, concatenated words, and full "Department of Defense compliance".
  • Passwords and other information can be transferred to other applications automatically.  Your users will have fewer login problems, and password-related support calls can be eliminated.
  • An integrated secure internet browser makes web page access seamless and prevents "rogue" browser plug-ins from stealing critical information. 
  • You have a full set of group administration tools. Levels, categories, user groups, and overrides can be used in various combinations to match any situation.  Includes "break the glass" emergency password access support.
  • You can have an optional audit trail detailing password use. 
  • You can grant or limit access to tools and features.
  • You have access to professional grade reports, both pre-formatted and customizable.
  • You can set expiration dates for user accounts, useful for "term" users such as temporary employees or students.
  • You can directly encrypt/decrypt files on your system, or embed small files with a selected password account.
  • You can run the application on any 32-bit Windows platform from Windows 95 through Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server, from any local or network drive, or even rewritable media.  Take advantage of the latest technology such as USB flash drives (biometric or regular, 16MB or larger) without losing any of the security benefits of Passwords Max.
  • Friendly, helpful support via e-mail or our forum is available at no extra charge.
  • There are many more features than listed here, but if you find that you need one that isn’t currently supported, you can rest assured that development is ongoing and suggestions from registered users are always considered as priority items.

What's New

  • Fixed: Copy to clipboard, search and list sorting did not work in IE6.


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